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Welcome to Olympix Media; your go-to UK content production company

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

An introduction from the Olympix Media co-founders

We’re thrilled to launch Olympix Media; a full-service content production company based in the north of England. Our services are aimed at small to medium-sized businesses to help them elevate their digital presence through stunning visual content, which they may not necessarily have the capacity or expertise to produce themselves.
By using our services, businesses can set themselves apart from competitors, tell their story in a way that resonates with their audience, and increase brand credibility, ultimately resulting in conversions.
Every brand story is unique. The power of visual media can help you convey that in a creative, captivating way, and that’s where Olympix Media comes in; we understand the power of high-quality visual content and want to share our 10+ years of creative expertise with brands who are ready to take their business to the next level.

How do we do it?

Our approach is creative, collaborative, and cost-effective.
We take pride in our production process and ensure that each project we take on is bespoke to the needs of our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. Why? Because there isn’t a template approach to meet every business’s unique goals.
Instead, we start by really getting to know what our clients want to achieve through photo/ video content, and plan their vision in a way that accounts for; their business goals, their audience, their marketing channels and what they stand for.

But, who are Olympix Media?

Storytellers. Creatives. Social media savvy millennials who know how to create content that connects.

And it all started on Filey beach in Yorkshire during an unsurprisingly wet, chilly English summer’s day.

Chris and Esen, co-founders of Olympix Media, sat down on a damp, dusty rock after a long stroll across Filey beach. They both had an itching desire to do more with their skills. Chris, a creative photographer and videographer, and Esen, a strategic marketing specialist and content producer, knew that combining their talents would be a recipe for success.

Magnetised by the idea of combining their skills to develop a production company that creates stunning visual content for businesses, they devoted their time and energy over the subsequent months to develop Olympix Media into a fully functioning company.

A recurring theme they noticed while developing the company was that there are many production companies and agencies currently out there that create visual content, and then just leave their clients to execute it on their own without any real plan or strategy in place.

They didn’t envision Olympix Media doing that. This approach seemed ineffective, slack and lacking in care for the client.

Instead, they set out the promise to join their future clients on a content journey and nurture the visual media they create by developing a content optimisation strategy for them too. Why? Because they take pride in what they produce and value the time they invest with their clients. They want to ensure this new content is executed as effectively as possible to help businesses meet their goals and connect with their target customer.

So, since their dusty, damp conversation on the infamous Filey beach rock, Olympix Media was created, and they haven’t looked back since.

A final note from the co-founders

We’re proud of what we have created so far and know that you will be too if you choose Olympix Media for your content needs. Whether you need a new suite of high-quality social media content, or a cinematic brand video for your website, we have the skills, equipment and creative drive to deliver visual media with your business goals at the heart of the process.
Take a look at our website to get a feel for what we do and decide if we are the right fit. Drop us a message anytime if you want to know a bit more or have any initial questions - we’d love to chat.
Let’s bring your vision to life 🎬

Learn more about Olympix Media on our website.


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