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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Video Production Company

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Hiring a video production company is a significant investment for any business looking to enhance its marketing or create compelling visual content.

To ensure you choose the right production partner for your needs, asking the right questions during the selection process is crucial.

Here are 10 essential video production questions to consider:

  1. "What is your experience in our industry?" Understanding the video production company's experience within your specific industry can provide insight into their ability to understand your needs, audience, and messaging nuances.

  2. "Can you provide examples of similar projects you've completed?" Requesting relevant portfolio samples demonstrates the company's capabilities and helps you visualise how they might approach your project.

  3. "What does your production process look like?" Learning about their production workflow, from initial concept development to final delivery, will give you clarity on timelines, milestones, and the level of involvement required from your end. Here's an overview of our process at Olympix Media.

  4. "Who will be involved in our project?" Knowing the team members assigned to your project, including producers, directors, editors, and any specialists, allows you to gauge their expertise and communication style.

  5. "What equipment and software do you use?" Enquiring about their equipment and technology ensures they have the necessary tools to deliver high-quality videos aligned with industry standards.

  6. "How do you handle revisions and client feedback?" Understanding their approach to revisions and client feedback is crucial for ensuring that your vision is translated effectively throughout the production process. Usually, you will have a set number of revisions included within a video production project, but ensure you discuss this with them beforehand.

  7. "What is your pricing structure?" Transparency about pricing, including any potential additional costs, ensures that there are no surprises along the way and that the services fit within your budget.

  8. "Do you offer scriptwriting and storyboarding services?" If you need assistance with scripting and storyboarding, clarifying whether these services are included can streamline the creative process.

  9. "How do you measure success?" Discussing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for evaluating the success of your video campaign will help align expectations and objectives. This will vary depending on the project goals and objectives, but without knowing the KPIs, tracking 'success' will be challenging.

  10. "What is your post-production process?" Understanding how they handle editing, sound design, colour grading, and other post-production aspects ensures the final product meets your expectations. Post-production can sometimes take longer than the shoot itself, so if you need a quick turnaround, ensure this has been communicated in the initial briefing stage so that enough time is allowed for editing.

By asking these 10 questions, you can gather valuable insights into a video production company's capabilities, approach, and compatibility with your project goals.

Remember, open communication and a clear understanding of expectations are essential for a successful collaboration.


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